he gets it from his mama

I'm seriously behind. Behind on my blogging, behind on my Christmas shopping. How does time slip by so quickly? How am I going to get everything done this week? What am I going to buy my Dad for Christmas? Where is that recipe for apple sausage stuffing? Am I going to be able to find all the gifts I've hidden around the house? How many calories are in that huge piece of banana bread that I just ate?...

When did my little guy develop such an affinity for all things artistic?! Is it an inherant trait that you are to paint with your tongue out?

Who doesn't love a hand-painted Christmas gift from a toddler?

How much does he love painting, drawing, making, and creating? THIS much. It's true. While the weather has been chilly and we've all been sick we've been filling our sketchbook with colors and letters and "circles" (his favorite thing to draw). I wonder where he gets his love for all things creative?
He must get it from his mama. And I love that.


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