through his lens: our cruise

It's no secret now that I have very few pictures from our cruise. I let Reece have his own point and shoot camera the last couple days of the cruise and I'm glad I did! While there are thousands to choose from, these are just a few raw pictures I thought were beautiful. He has NO idea what he's doing, but I love seeing what was important to HIM, and from a child's point of view.

Cheesy self-portrait...CHECK!

The carpet in the Windjammer. I didn't notice it. Apparently HE thought it was news-worthy.

The tile around the tide pool in the waterpark.

Be careful, mama!

A new-found love for soft-serve.


Our view.

Little brother's got new trix.

The bar where we shared a (virgin) daiquiri.

Daddy monster.

Coincidence that he got some of these shots?


I can't help, though, but marvel in the beauty of things that I overlooked on the ship while I was trying to get MY perfect pictures. Thank goodness for little boys.


Anonymous said...

Nice camera work Reece!!

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