I can't remember another Christmas like this one. I can't remember being so excited to wake, so excited to wrap, and so excited to play "Santa". There is something about the magic of Christmas, something about the excitement of Christmas through a child's eyes. Reece really seemed to understand what was going on. He can recognize Santa, know's what he "says", and put out snacks for him and his reindeer ("mama reindeer eat to fill dare belly").

Santa brought a firetruck. Actually, it's called a wee-ooo-wee-ooo. He'll still tell me that "Santa brought dat to me". Love him.
The famed weedwhacker. Yes, I understand that he's two. He's a two year old with a weedwhacker now! We had a minor issue on Christmas day while travelling to Grandma and Grandpa's house 3 hours away when the batteries died in it...trying to find batteries on Christmas day to end the tantrum that is ensuing is a difficult find!
It's also day 3 of jet-ski ownership. So far he can ride forward, sit backward, and "boom on waves" (in case you were wondering, that means jumping up and down). He also pretends to fall over on the side like professionals. It is HILARIOUS!
And lastly, our little Clark-Griswold-in-the-making thought he'd trim the tree for us with his new chainsaw. There is no other kid on earth like this one.
After our Christmas we loaded up the Jeep and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma surprised Reece with his own recliner and Grandpa surprised us all with his own little "Festivus" celebration, full of used, handmedown, and new and exciting prizes! It was a wonderful weekend and now it's back to reality as Trey is in bed, not dreaming of sugarplums any longer...but dreaming about how his day starts too early at work.
Luckily, I am school-free for the next week as I enjoy hanging out with my handyman!


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