Reece is into all sorts of role-play these days...this weekend he ran the range of everything, from baby tiger to "real" pirate and everything in between. I love how his imagination works ('sept when I'm making dinner, trying to talk to Trey and all I hear from the "hey Mommy say 'come out, baby tiger...come OUT baby tiger....COME OUT baby tiger...Mommy, say COME OUT BABY TIGER!'").

Yesterday we had to run to Target for something (surprise, surprise) and we were looking for foam swords to replace our pirate sword from Disney. I couldn't find a foam sword, but I found these fantastic swords in the party favor section...of course I had to buy two because Chase just HAS to have everything his brother has (did I mention he's growing up way to fast?!). Two swords later we're heading to the fabric store...swashbuckling little old ladies, bolts of tulle, racks of satin ribbon, and "aaaaaargh matey"-ing everyone in sight. Two people stopped their cars in the parking lot, rolled down their windows, "said "arrrrrgh matey", locked eyes with me, and laughed.

....and I smiled. They're mine, and this is my life. Arrrrrrrrgh-en't I lucky?!


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