8 months

Dear Chase,

Last week you turned 8 months old! Where has time gone? I promise you just a few days ago you were nestled in my arms whizzing all over me in your 0-3 month onesies. Now I can't stretch a onesie to fit you (length-wise)!

You weigh about 20 lbs, wear 6-9 month clothes, and a size 3 diaper. You are GROWING so big and you have about 2 lbs on your brother when he was this same age!

You are just the sweetest thing. You have the best temper and rarely cry. We've seen "that" side of you, though, so you aren't fooling anyone! As long as you are eating, or drinking, or army crawling toward food you are good to go. Anything will do, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, leaves, hairballs, price tags, dog food...it all constitutes food, and in your book, food is happiness!

You want nothing to do with your toys, you'd rather fight your brother for his. Reece gets so angry with you when you snatch up his sword or his tractors or try to make your way onto my lap when we're reading a book that HE chose. Both of you get irritated with each other because you're both insanely strong-willed....however, I did catch a glimpse of you holding each other's hands in the car the other day and my heart melted. I know someday soon you'll be sneaking off together to get into something naughty and you'll be the best of friends!

You crawled tonight for the first time! You've been army crawling for a couple of weeks and have even pulled yourself up onto the train table and the couch. I think you're going to be an early walker...you want to be in everybody's business and are just so curious about everything! You can whiz all over the house in your walker and grab things off tables, chairs, and out of garbage cans. You're so quick and keep us on our toes!

You are an amazing addition to our family. You have these electric hazel eyes with amazing lashes. Your smile could melt glaciers. I have NO idea how I ever thought I'd have to "share" my love between you and your brother. Each of you have my full heart and I love you (as Reece says) "more than all the clothes in my closet...and that's a LOT!!!)



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