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Dear Chase, 

Today you are 15 months old! Time has gotten away from me and I figured I'd better write some of this down or I'd forget it all! 

You are unlike any other kid I've have just have the sweetest, most loving personality. You're a great eater, a great sleeper, have a penchant for all animals, eat and breathe all things basketball, and give amazingly sloppy kisses. You're everything I could ever ask for in a little boy! 

This month you got your first haircut...I had to have Domenic cut the "mullet" off the back of your head. We left your spikes alone- it's kind of your signature 'do these days, though we've seen it laying down recently and it almost makes me sad! Your hair is soft, fine, and poker-straight! Don't worry, Mommy's hair was exactly the same when she was your age.
You are SO into basketball, and just last week started saying "backaball"!!! It is so cute, you dribble, shoot, and throw SO well! You always want Reece to bring the hoop from his room into the living room so you can play. You love watching sports on tv (all sports are backaball) and chasing high-bounce balls all over the house. We could make a million jokes about you and your "balls"....

You have said quite a few words now, including: ball, moo, quack, woof, roar, basketball, no no, mama, juice, more, num num, yum, dog, dada, and Reece! You also nod your head yes and no and like to say "mmm hummm" if we ask you a question! You are learning baby sign language at school and we're trying to enforce it at home, but I think you'd rather just try and say the word!

You and Reece were both pretty sick this month with conjunctivitis in your eyes, bronchitis, and a sinus infection. Just as you got healthy, you started cutting all kinds of teeth! You have one bottom tooth and have cut your front top two and another two on the bottom! I feel so bad that they're coming all at once, but why did you wait so long to get these guys?! 

You want to do everything that your big brother does and play with everything he plays with, too. This kind of ticks Reece off a little bit, but he's working on it! You've started climbing up on couches, beds, lego bins, and laundry baskets. We have to watch you because you're quite the little dare devil! You love the slide at the park and go down by yourself. Reece usually stands at the bottom to catch you and you LOVE it! I just know you two are going to be the best of friends after you figure out how to share your toys with each other!

Chase, you are such a little love. Although it stunk that you were sick, I loved the extra one on one time I got to spend with you. We snuggled and ran errands together, read books, and ate ice cream. I think you liked the quiet time, too! I know that these days of snuggling are fleeting, and soon you'll be out playing basketball and will want nothing to do with me...and that'll crush me....but always remember that I was your first kiss, your first love, and your first best friend.

I love you! 


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