i knew he could do it

His bike has been sitting in the garage since Christmas day. The directions still in the zippered pocked on his handlebars. The tires had nary a touch of dirt on them. He had been excited about it on Christmas morning, but when he tried to pedal...and went nowhere...he parked it and forgot about it.
Every now and then I'd ask him if he wanted to ride. "No, it's too hard", he'd say.

This morning, while I sipped Starbucks and my littlest nugget finished his nap in the driveway, he told me he wanted to get on his bike and go. I wasn't sure if my heart could handle the frustrated tears or the meltdowns when he pushed the pedals backwards (which are the brakes). Reluctantly, I set my tea down and hoisted him onto the seat.
And what do you know? He took off. Fast. Down the driveway, up the driveway, around my Jeep, clipping the corners of grass, across the street, down the street, into our neighbor's driveway, through a puddle of water, and back again. His jammied little tushie rode like he had done this a thousand times before.
I could grab a few photos of him as he zoomed by (yes, helmet-less, and yes, we do have one, and YES he wears it now....don't worry!) and went on his way again.

This kid reminds me SO much of myself. He's a perfectionist in every sense of the word. He's so stinkin' stubborn--when he gets something wrong, or he's frustrated by something he sets it aside and comes back to it and does it better than ever before. He says he "can't do it", lets it go, and then when no one is looking he just gets up on it and goes....
...and I love that about him.


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