I have NOT been in a blogging mood for the past few weeks...okay, the past month or so...it's been so crazy around here (and work, and my little photography business, and swimming lessons, and planning my little cookie's birthday party...OH MY!) that I am finally getting a chance to catch my breath.

With that, I'm ordering myself an epiphanie camera bag.

In all seriousness, it has been one crazy adventure after another and I cannot wait for summer to get here! Mother's Day weekend was especially fun---my friend Ashley flew down from Wisconsin and offered her time and talents to help me tag-team a photo shoot to raise money for my Breast Cancer 3-Day account. She needed a "vacation" and I needed someone to kick my butt to get a fundraiser going---so YAY!

We had such a great time (I can't even begin to write about how awesome she is) and raised about $500 for the 3-Day! We took some amazing pictures of some of my favorite photographic subjects to boot! The picture above is one of my favorites I took of Reece that day. I love the colors and the dirt under the fingernails. Swoooooon.

Ash also took our family pictures, which I have BIG plans for! Hopefully I will have everything framed and printed by Chase's birthday so you all can see!

Sorry for the completely disjointed post today, it's kind of how my mind has been the last few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Aw...choked...up! Thank you!! I had so much fun shooting, editing, & designing. (PS...I totally need to get back in a blogging mood!)

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