random musings with a 3 year old

Reece is at this awesome age where he says the funniest things, and I figured I'd better start writing some of these things down:

The other morning I was steaming the floor and putting the dishes away he said "you're cleaning because someone is coming over? Right Mommy?" Yes, Reece, because I only clean when guests come. At all other times we live in a constant state of filth. Sheesh.

Recently the father of a friend of mine passed away and Reece told me that "Jesus came and picked up Aunt Lisa's daddy". I've never really discussed death with him before, aside from "killing" an ant, so I said "yes, yes He did." Then he asked me how Jesus got here and I said he flew down from Heaven to pick him up. He said "mommy! Jesus doesn't fly! He drives a sleigh like Santa!" How do you even try to correct THAT?!

If we're driving and someone slams on their brakes in front of me, Reece will yell out "uuuuuugh! That is so annoying!" yeah, I think it's annoying that people can't drive, too!

Going grocery shopping is a hoot-- if there is something he wants (usually, the most expensive thing in the store: Naked Juice, fruit and cheese platters, organic potato chips...) he'll say "look, we can get this! It's buy one get one!" Guess I've been couponing a bit too much lately...!

I also love how he equates BIG things to being "asspensive"...BIG toy trucks are asspensive. Little Matchbox cars are not. This must mean that little diamonds are not asspensive.... I will make note of that!

Lastly, we recently went to the YMCA waterpark for the day. Our day was shortened, however, because someone decided to let one loose in the pool. "Whyyyyyyy would someone DO that? Does this even LOOK like a potty? Thats ass-gusting!"

I love this age!


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