perfect park day

We were given an overcast day today so we put on our sweatshirts and headed to the park. "The playground without sand" as Reece likes to call it! Chase loves to swing and people-watch...Reece loves to do anything where the wind is blowing through his hair. He's 100 mph all day, every day, inside, outside, up, down, and all-around. I wish I had his energy!!
As for Chase, we're awaiting crawling from him...any day now, literally. He "army crawls" all over the place, snacking on bits and pieces he finds along the way. He gets up on his hands and knees, but hasn't moved forward yet (backward, yes!) We are hoping he'll be moving in 2 weeks when we go on our cruise! Then I'm sure I'll be wishing I could take back my words :)

Last week brought new changes, as Chase moved "up" to the baby room and out of his beloved teacher, Ms. Carol's, infant room. Chase has slept SO much this week...I think he's worn out! While the move is good for him (and he got to move up with his BFF Liam!) we will still miss the kind heart of Ms. Carol immensely! I remember I was emotional when Reece's first "teacher" resigned, there is just something so special about the person who loves on your little one while you're at work!

We're enjoying our beautiful "winter" this year in shorts and in the sunshine!


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