a love letter to my little love

my dear chase,

happy birthday! today you are one year old. time sure has passed quickly, and as i reminisce, i just cannot remember what life was like before you were in it. i can attest that our house was a little bit cleaner, our produce bill was a (lot) less, diapers and wipes remained in their respective packaging, and the poor dogs could sleep a little more soundly without being poked or prodded. it has been quite a year, and it has been amazing seeing you change from a wobbly newborn into a toddling, talking, smiley one-year old!

you are nothing short of amazing. you have these electric eyes and amazing smile that light up your face...and the room that you're in. some of the time i cherish most is when i pick you up, you put your thumb in your mouth and lay your head on my shoulder. i know those days are fleeting, so i hold tight to them now and take them as i get them. i love how you stare at me when you're having your night-time bottle, and how you reach up to stroke my face. i love how you coyly look up from doing something "naughty" and flash us a (still) gummy smile. that smile is going to keep you out of a lot of trouble, and you know it!

when you were little i would carry you in the baby bjorn and would rub my cheeks on your bald head. now you have this awesome tuft of spiky hair on the top of your head that everyone wants to touch and rub! you are just SO kissable. your calm demeanor and intense stare juxtapose your wild hair quite nicely!

chase, you have completed our family. we know you were meant for us; you were meant to be our son and you were meant to be reece's little brother. we are so lucky to have a little love like you in our lives.

i love you more than all the fishes in the sea...

love, mommy


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