a love letter to my big boy

Dear Reece,

Today you are two years old. Two years ago I was not expecting you, you came unexpectedly early. Two years ago you came screaming into this world and I loved you from the moment I met you. Your bright blue eyes and your pathetic lip quiver sent me into this realm of love I had no idea was even possible.

Two years later, here you are. You are a fun, charismatic two year old with a contagious laugh and an infectious smile. You hold conversations with us and learn new things every day!

Today we took you to Disney World. Today we watched your eyes light up as we rode the rides and saw the choo-choo trains. Today we held you a little longer and kissed you a little more because we realized how quickly you are growing up. You aren't our tiny 7 lb baby boy anymore, you are a rambunctious 25+ lb toddler with enough energy to keep our smiles lit for years.
Today you climbed to the top of the trees, swashbuckled pirates, got your first sword, rode a horse...

...and earned your Disney Driving Permit! You are super-independent, intelligent, head-strong, and courageous. What other two year old would want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean three times?

Who would have thought that we didn't know love until you came along? You make me live in the moment and savor them...because I know I cannot get them back. Sometimes I sit back and watch you...watch your little mind work and watch you play. You've got things figured out...for now.

All I've needed to know in my life, I've learned from you. I've learned it's okay to run down Main Street and swashbuckle perfect strangers, it's okay to kiss your Mommy in public, and it's okay to scream when you're excited. I've learned that you make each day brighter, each kiss more special, and that there is nothing better than hearing the words "I love you Mommy".
Reece, I love you so much. Happy Birthday to the cutest two year old I know!


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