thirteen months

Dear Reece,

Yesterday you were 13 months old and Mommy forgot to write you a letter. I think your chili massacre had me cleaning the house for a good part of the night and time got away from me. Time got away from me once again, which seems to be happening a LOT lately these days!

This month has seen a lot of ups and downs! The day of your birthday you came down with croup. We had no idea that you were so sick, we're sorry for making you put your hands in that yucky frosting. You were out of school for almost a week with your horrible croup-y cough. Steroids proved to be effective but really made your mood swing violently. You cried yourself to sleep a couple of nights. I'm sorry for that, Bug.

Thanksgiving was super-fun! We went to the Columbia for dinner and you had mac and cheese. You were so's so fun being your Mom! Everyone is so impressed with the way you behave and your goofy smile, we notice people staring a LOT. I'm sure you notice, but I stare a lot at you, too.

In the past month we've seen your personality start to shine. You have started waving "bye-bye" to people exclusively when they walk out of a door. You even wave when Mommy or Daddy come out of the bathroom! Sometimes you even say "bye-bye" (in a whisper). It is so cute. You love to head-butt the dogs and this is VERY funny to you! You crawl up to them as fast as you can and plow into them. They're really good sports about it, just like they're good sports when you ram your cars or trains into them. I think they're pretty fond of you mainly because you drop a LOT of food to them during your dinners. They sit at the base of your high chair and await the food drop. Even though I tell you "no" you look at me, smile, and drop. Oy.
Some of things you loved to eat are no longer in our food repertoire. Strawberries are phasing themselves out. Veggie nuggets, veggie sausage, and veggie patties are phasing themselves IN! You still refuse milk, but will eat yogurt and yogurt puffs. You even will drink yogurt drinks! You are so funny about eating, and some people might think we don't feed you because you are so skinny. You were exactly 20 lbs at your 1-year check-up. Tall and skinny, just like Daddy (thank goodness!) I'm afraid you may eat us out of house and home!

You also made your second trip to the hospital this month with a fever that wouldn't break. You had swine flu and were on all kinds of medication to make you feel better and get rid of your illness. You were out of school for two whole weeks and we're glad to see that you have been on the mends the last couple of days. So scary!

You're not walking yet...we're not worried, though, because you push everything around the house if it's not nailed down. Chairs, laundry baskets, trucks and garbage cans have become walkers! It's not strange to see a garbage can in the middle of the living room these days. You seem to be mustering up a bit of courage to let go and stand for a couple of seconds on your own, but you fall right back down. For now, crawling full speed seems to be your transportation method of choice!
Daddy and I love you so much. We love how you have to "help" push the shopping carts around the stores. We love how we can see your top 4 teeth peeking through your smile. We love how you can unravel a roll of toilet paper in 4 seconds flat. We love how you try to walk your trucks down into your room when we're not looking. We love how you are interested, yet afraid of the Christmas tree. We love your affinity for lights and Christmas decorations. We love how you can empty out a bowl of chili beans (still in the chili!) We love how you may be a dentist someday because you stick your hands in everyone's mouths. We love how you neeeeed your special blankie from Grandma Davis to sleep. We love how you now say ball, mama, dada, da (dog) and byebye. We love how you sing in the car and how you can already work an iPod.
We love you more than all the stars in the sky (and I tell you that every night when you go to bed).




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