Tonight we went on a hunt to look for Christmas lights! Reece is mesmerized by our neighbors' lights (icicles and a big blow-up Santa) and our measley little wreath on our house. He points at the front door and window longing to go out and see the lights.


A friend told me about this crazy house that has so many lights they allow you to get out and walk around their yard to see all the decorations. We knew it would be a we loaded up...

As soon as we pulled up, the pointer finger was OUT!
Woah Mama, look at THAT! Woooooooooooooooooooooow!
Is that REALLY a volcano with fire? Is that REALLY snow?!
Da? Wow? Ba?
Do you people understand what I'm saying here? This is SO cool!
Guess we'll just warm our hands by this fire and enjoy our 75-degree night and our inquisitive 1-year-old and his fascination with Christmas lights.
Rough life, I know.


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