not me! monday (the great chili massacre edition)

We've had an interesting week and I really didn't have a Not Me! Monday entry until it happened upon me tonight. My kid is crazy. Maybe I'm on.

First of all, I would never eat my dinner on the floor so I could play with said crazy kid because I got home from work late. I'd never try and multi-task when it comes to food and we always sit at the table like a nice little family and eat together. I would not allow my child to eat every single bean out of my chili and would never ask Trey to "get me more" so Reece could try using a spoon to feed himself.

One year olds can perfectly use spoons, no?

One year olds would never ditch the spoon and dig in hands first, instead.I would never let this happen. I would never ask Trey to then get me a towel so Reece didn't ruin my white pants...and allow him to keep digging in hands first.

Never would I ever. And I didn't.

Calvin (our Boston Terrier) doesn't have a permanent chili stain on his head from the great chili massacre of '09.
I did not use half a bottle of Spray 'N Wash on massacred clothes and socks.
I would never take this opportunity of making him giggle in the bathtub, either, to get a close-up shot of his new teeth.
If you want to nominate someone for "Mom of the Year", I'm your woman. Oh, whoops...I mean...I'm NOT your woman!


sheskin said...

Sometimes I just feel like tossing those massacred clothes!

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