a wedding and some cheese

This weekend Reece and I went to Meaghan and Chris' wedding on Siesta Beach. To some of our "northern" friends and family, this seems unfair. I suppose I won't tell them I was wearing a sundress, either, on the 22nd of November. Because I was entertaining a one-year-old-sand-eater a majority of the time, I wasn't able to get all the pics I wanted.

Reece and I didn't stay for the reception because it was naptime and there was a LOT of sand in the cuffs of his pants, in his pockets, around his mouth and on his hands. There is now a LOT of sand in my Jeep. Siesta Key sand. White, powdery-sugary sand everywhere.

Wonder if sand tastes good with a little cheese...

'Cause that's whats on the menu for today!


Ashlee said...

You sure had a cute date!

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