little punkin'

We have really been putting off getting a pumpkin this year. I have no idea why. Really, we're just knee-deep in birthday party stuff, Halloween costumes, school projects and company coming soon. I do love carving pumpkins, and you would think that my creative self would have been all over carving pumpkins this year!

I remember our first Halloween together, Trey and I. We had just started dating and he was so nervous because he was "uncreative". I carved a pretty traditional pumpkin and Trey busted out with a "Mexican" pumpkin, complete with a thin guido beard. It was pretty funny. I really wish I could find a picture of our pumpkins because we carved them 2 weeks before Halloween and they melted and rotted and liquefied before the big day.

Yeah, that's it....I've been putting off buying an over-priced pumpkin because it would melt before Halloween!
Maybe it could be the fact that it is still 90 degrees outside and it surely doesn't feel like we should be carving pumpkins.

So today we loaded up and headed to the "pumpkin patch" to pick out a pumpkin. SCORE! Pumpkins were majorly on sale and we got it for $.25!!! It was a pretty appropriately-sized pumpkin for him, but still...a bargain nonetheless.

A week from tomorrow he's going to be a year old. Maybe next year I'll shell out the $.50 for a bigger pumpkin.


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