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Feeling guilty for opening up the Halloween candy so soon? Need to go buy more because you only have enough for 10 trick-or-treaters? Don't be! This blog carnival is brought to you by MckMama and you might...just might...want to head on over there to see what others have not been doing this week!

This is my Breast Cancer 3-Day version of Not Me! Monday!
I DID NOT eat exactly 6 peanut butter and jelly uncrustables this weekend at the 3-Day. I do not think they are delicious and I did not crave them from pit stop to pit stop! I did not inhale string cheese, either.

I did not take candy from strangers. I did not see someone with an entire bag of random candy at camp on day 2 and think gosh if I just collected one piece of candy from everyone who gives it out...I could have ALL of our Halloween candy without having to shop! I did not find myself looking for the electric pink lemonade blow pop because they were soooooo good!

I was NOT the one wearing pink and dancing through random intersections in Atlanta. At one intersection I did NOT bootie grind with a moto-crew member in backless pink chaps.

I did not consider throwing Kari off the curb so Marcus the Alpharetta EMS guy would give her mouth-to-mouth.

I did not walk 20 miles in shorts in 40-degree temps on Sunday. I also did not have on 2 layers, a fleece jacket, gloves, hand warmers, a scarf, and shorts. Kari and I were not known as "the Florida girls"...and someone along the way did not make a comment to the effect of "do you even OWN pants"?! I did not proceed to tell them about our winter. They were not impressed (this is the darn truth!)
I did not jump up in down in excitement over winning an energizer pen.

I did not let my little boy wear pink for 3 days with sayings on his shirts like "real boys wear pink" and "i wear pink because...i <3 boobs". I'm a classy individual and didn't laugh at the sign that Reece made that said "i love my mommy's boobs". Classy, really classy.

Good thing I did the 3-Day in Altlanta...what happens in ATL stays in ATL! Whew I feel better! Head on over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else has NOT been doing!


swalkerparamedicranger said... a paramedic I have NEVER heard my guy co-workers say something to the effect of "I wish that girl would get hurt so I could do CPR or a trauma assesment."

Sounds like your son needs a "Save the Ta Tas" shirt too.

Good job on the 3 Day!

kez1180 said...

We so did NOT do any of the above :)

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