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I wish I had witty comebacks for when people ask ridiculous questions...when you're pregnant they're always asking "how ya feelin'?" and I thought many times that I'd love to answer with a witty "fat and sassy" or "pleasantly plump"...or even be fully honest and say "Lord! Thank goodness you asked! I've got heartburn a-plenty, your lunch smells horrid, and you're the 50th person that has asked me today! My hips are sore and I'd love some peanut butter. Aren't you glad you asked?!"

The questions never stop! I am asked daily "why can't you take a year off work to enjoy your little one?" and "gheeze, it must be sooooo hard for you to leave him at daycare" about "are you back in your pre-pregnancy clothes?"...and the obligatory "are you getting any sleep?"

So here are the answers: Yes, I am in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I feel like things aren't shifting back into place as quickly as they did with Reece. Chase is doing amazing at daycare and I never feel guilty about leaving him (only the first couple of times...of course) and YES, we are getting sleep, in fact Chase slept 9 1/2 hours two nights this weekend! I, naturally, didn't sleep because I kept my ear pealed to the monitor because I thought every sound was him waking up. Ugh.

For now, we're keepin' on. I just can't believe that he'll be 12 weeks old on Wednesday and Reece will be 3 in two months. I looked at him the other day and he just looked so grown up. SO grown up. I swore he grew overnight (even though his teeny butt still fits into 18-24 month clothes) and I just couldn't believe it! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!


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