I'm not a very "adventurous" person. I'd like to say that spontenaety is fabulous, but I'm a planner and so VERY, VERY "Type A". It's crazy to me that people gamble their lives away in Vegas. I chill by the penny slots, and even playing all 13 lines (we're talking 13 cents, people) is too much of a "gamble".

Recently we've toyed with the idea of letting our house "go". Yes, letting it go at a loss in hopes of moving up to a much bigger space. For a couple of weeks we were both gung-ho, texting MLS numbers back and forth and setting up showings. We received a pre-approval and were ready to go with 2 mortgages. We were willing to rent out our little house if we had to. It was fun, exciting, and new! We thought about the future, our kids playing kickball in an awesome backyard....putting locks on the sliding doors so they couldn't get out into the pool, which room each boy would get.

And then we really thought about the future...what are we THINKING?! Take a loss of half our house's value and tack it onto a bigger mortgage? Risk having a huge house payment while we have little ones? We came to our senses and decided that putting a pool onto this house...or gutting the kitchen might be less risky.

I've also been pretty busy with photoshoots for the past month or so. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I gave up my long-time second job at the YMCA to just be a mom after school. I absolutely am loving this little gamble I'm taking starting a small photography business! I am having so much fun coming up with new ideas for photoshoots (yeah, ask Trey how much fun it is coming home to a new "prop" every now and then!!!) I've needed to get this creativity out for some time's good for my mojo and food for my soul. Being creative for my students each and every day really sucks me dry of being creative for myself. Gambling, in this case, is good...because you never really know how people are going to receive you, and so far, it's been good!

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of room for improvement.

I have a contest going on on my facebook page for a photo contest on your most BLISSFUL photo moment. What blissful moment have you captured on film? Go check out my page, take a gamble, and ENTER!


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