dear daddy,

I am sorry for throwing two tantrums over the lawnmower this week. Mommy told me I should write you a letter when I do something rotten, so here I go.

First of all, you have to realize that on Sunday all I wanted to do was help you push the lawnmower in the front yard. I know it was loud and you were trying to mow quickly before it started to get hot out, all I wanted to do was help! It's so frustrating that I'm not big enough to mow with you. Sometimes my little lawnmower just doesn't do the trick.

I am glad, though, that Mommy took me to Target to get out of the house while you finished up the yard. What's even better is that I got a new Doc Hudson out of the deal! I wanted to tell you that you did a nice job with the yard while I was gone. Way to go, Daddy!

Last night when my lawnmower got stuck in the thick grass I just lost it. I was just trying to help...again...what is with this thick Florida grass?! My friend Stellan told me that the grass is nice and soft in Wisconsin. I don't remember since I was there when I was just a little wee guy, but maybe I can go up for a visit with him when the weather warms up up there and check it out for myself?

Anyways, back to last night. You see, I'm having some anger-management problems. I have a hard time when something doesn't go my way. You keep telling me to "get myself together" and asking me if I'd like some juice, a snack, a diaper change, if I want to play in the sink, play trains, etc..but the truth is that I JUST WANT THE FLIPPING LAWNMOWER TO PUSH THROUGH OUR GRASS!

Here, in order, are the things that frustrate me the most:
1. My lawnmower won't push through our grass
2. If a bug gets in the house I cannot reach it to kill it
3. When Calvin or Riley sit on my blanket
4. When the straw falls out of my sippy I cannot get to the OJ
5. Mama tries to clean my ears or trim my nails
6. Cleaning up all my Matchbox cars
7. Having to go inside when all I want to do is play outside!
8. I cannot open the garlic, sprinkles, nutmeg, or rosemary
9. You won't let me use the computer
10. You won't let me stir my own noodles on the stove

So again, Dada, sorry for the tantrums. It's so hard being almost two, but this way you know the things that make me super mad--I'm really trying to work on this.

Love you!

Love, Reece


Bootstrap Mama said...

Dear Reece:

I too get frustrated when things don't go my way. I especially get frustrated when my mommy & poppy won't let me drive their car! (What's the big deal anyway?!)

I would love for you to come up when the weather warms up. My poppy has been fertilizing his grass to make it super "thick" and squishy and perfect for running around barefoot in. We would have so much fun racing lawnmowers across it. (Don't worry I have 2 and will learn to share.)

Miss you buddy!

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