not me! monday...

Ashamed that you ran out of toilet paper and were scrounging around for something to use? Mortified that you returned something to the store that you already used? Don't be! Not Me Monday was born out of the desire to air your imperfections and begin your week on a clean slate.


This week we did NOT skip Reece's last 2 doses of prednisone so we could have our happy baby back. He did NOT have a 5-day treatment for croup shortened to 4 because we could not stand the ROID RAGE anymore!

Going through Reece's first birthday pictures and seeing other friends' birthday cake pictures I was NOT sad that we didn't get that "money shot" know, the one of the kid devouring the cake, covered from head to toe in icing with a big cheesy grin on his face? What did we get instead? Definitely NOT crying. Nope, not my kid! We did not try to give him his cake again once felt better, and he did NOT have the same reaction as the first time!

I do NOT let Reece eat dinner with his blankie in the high chair last night just to avoid a melt-down.

Yep, folks, this is parenting at it's best...head on over to MckMama's page to see what other people have NOT been doing this week!


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