happy birthday reece alec!

Dear Reece,

A whole year has gone by since we met you, baby boy. I can't understand how time has flown by. This week I looked at pictures of you when you were hours old. Why was your face so squished? Who did you look like? Where was your hair? Could we take you home....now? I couldn't wait to start my life with you in it. It's been a year, and I just can't believe it!
In the past month you have shown us many new things. Your new favorite games are "take the DVD's out of the cupboard, spread them all around" and "take every book off the shelf and throw them". This is a very fun game for you, but not so much for Mommy and Daddy. When we try to put things back away you swat our arm and pull everything back out. I love your persistance.

You started eating new foods and are becoming a really good eater. You will eat veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, fish sticks, mac and cheese, sausage, and chicken for dinner. Last night we found out that you were a huge fan of scalloped potatoes. MMMMM! Pancakes and muffins are new faves for breakfast and fruit cups and blueberries have been added to your fruit repertoire. Good thing, because we were about to go broke buying fresh strawberries. During the off-season they are about $3.98 per quart. OUCH! Anything for you though, baby boy!

This month you headed up to Atlanta to visit Aunt Rhea with Mommy and Daddy. There you learned how to climb up stairs on your own, and that it's okay to talk about boobs...as long as you're in the company of the 3-Day walkers. You made Mommy a sign that said "I love my mommy's boobies" and cheered for her in the walk. Mommy loves that you did this.

Your hair has started to grow a tad bit and you still have only 2 teeth. Actually today we noticed that you have some teeth that may be making an appearance soon. You'll look like such a toddler then. Hold off on those teeth and that hair, would ya? Your hair looks like it's going to be blonde. We're not sure where you got your gorgeous blue eyes and bright blonde hair, but we love it. On second thought, Daddy was a blonde until he was in middle school, so I think you're following in his footsteps.

You're not walking on your own yet, but you seem interested. You actually havn't been able to stand without assistance...though we know you can. Right now you're content pushing your Tonka walker all over the house....though we're eagerly anticipating those first steps, we're in no rush. Take your time, because before long we know you'll be running! Today was your first birthday party and you didn't feel well. Your theme was "Anchors Aweigh, I'm ONE Today", and you had a t-shirt to match! The wind was blowing like crazy, but the company was great! We have tons of gifts that we opened, and we'll pull them out of the closet as the year goes by. You also received $150 which will be used for your Florida PrePaid College Program. What a great head-start! Grandpa Davis began his "dollar a year" birthday gift, so you got a crispy new dollar bill. It was so much fun! While you hated your smash cake, we were able to salvage it and save it for another day when you might enjoy it. I'm sorry about the sticky frosting, Bug.
I love your toothless, cheesy smile. I love that we have to force you to go to sleep because you don't want to miss anything. I love that you snuggle with your blanket when you're tired. I love that you race to me when I pick you up from school. I love that you "help" me with the dishes in the dishwasher--you're so domestic! I love when you point at me with sticky fingers and put them in my mouth. I love that you could probably survive on Yogurt Melts. I love your opened-mouth kisses and how you lean your forehead into me when you want a kiss. I love how you head-butt the dogs. I love finding all the "treasures" you squish into the pad on your high-chair. I love when you're sick you sleep with your hiney in the air. I love how you say "HA" to get our attention. I love how you now call everything a "ball".
I love you, Reece Alec Lanum...

...more than you know!


Nicole said...

I'm teary. So sweet, Mama! I know you all had a wonderful first year! Happy Birthday, Reece Alec!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful letter you wrote to your little boy! Happy Birthday Reece! And Happy birthing day to you Joanna! You and your husband should be so proud!

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