so what happened?

It's been an interesting past couple of days around here...days we'd rather forget than remember, but I thought I'd let everyone know exactly what happened and why Chase was in the hospital Wednesday night!

I picked Chase up from school on Wednesday and he was inconsolable. Because he rarely cries, this was somewhat alarming to hear him screaming. At first we all thought "ears"--as he would cry when we put him down or picked him up. After 3 hours of screaming, Trey brought him to the ER at Sarasota Memorial to find a source of his pain.

**side note** WHY do these things always happen after office hours or on the weekends? I swear it's a conspiracy...

Anyways, Trey took Chase to the ER where he went through a series of tests (bloodwork for kidney function, ultrasounds and x-rays of both arms because that seemed to be where the pain was) everything came back within normal range. The only thing they could find was a little constipation, which Chase always has. Everyone was stumped! Because he couldn't calm down and his condition wasn't any better, they decided to admit him.

Now, I'm not sure if you've EVER had to see a baby get an IV, but I bet you could just imagine. It was HORRIBLE. After that, I hugged him and we both fell asleep in the hospital bed together. Trey had returned home with Reece so he could get some sleep too.
When he woke up Thursday morning, it seemed that a little rest did his body some good. We managed to get a couple smiles out of him and he drank a big bottle. They checked both his arms and couldn't find any breaks or dislocations, so possible muscle soreness? Who knows. It was so frustrating for him not to be able to tell us what was wrong, and even moreso to no know any answers from the pediatric doctors.

He's still a little sore under the arms, and we're still not sure what happened or where he's actually hurting, but that smile says a is leaps and bounds better than how he was feeling the night before. He ate and slept well again last night, so i'm hoping he's on the mends...seeing your baby in pain is about the most HORRIBLE thing in the world!


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