big boy airplane room

While talking to my Dad this week he mentioned that he didn't realize that Reece had moved into his "big boy" airplane room yet! Perfect, because Kelly at Kelly's Korner is featuring kids' rooms this week!

Reece's "baby" room was a teeny tiny bonus room in our house and we (just this summer) moved him across the hall. It makes more sense for him to be in there and there is MORE SPACE so it's awesome!
Since he was about 10 months old, Reece has been infatuated with airplanes. He could also distinguish the difference between an airplane and a helicopter! I wanted to do his room in something a little more "grown up" and vintage so it could grow with him!

This is a fabulous dresser (and has a matching nightstand) from Pottery Barn Kids. I bought it from a crazy lady in Naples and it matches everything perfectly! Trey makes fun of me and my Craig's List finds, but this one was a STEAL! On top is his piggy bank (the kid has more money than I do!) and a big airplane I found at Ross. Total luck finding that thing! I also love the vintage green chalkboard easel I found at a consignment shop. I'm terrified about paint or marker getting on everything, so I like the fact that this is chalk. Chalk is easily cleaned!

This is Reece's crib. I love that it is a fold-down gate (it's called "Ocean" by Baby's Dream) and was a complete splurge when I was pregnant. Soon we'll have to turn it into a toddler bed!
Reece and I spend lots of time in this corner reading. Reece LOVES to read and look at books! He'll sit on his "special chair" and pat it and say "Mama lay down with Reece". We read together and pick out lawnmowers from the John Deere sales catalog for everyone in our family!
My sister found this great airplane at Target. She also got us a cool airplane propeller for his room, too! Someday I'm hoping to get inspired and hang some of Reece's artwork from these pegs. Must. Get. This. Done.
There was a great vintage airplane from Pottery Barn Kids that I loved. Trey cut me a couple of sheets of plywood and I went to town and saved myself about $150!
I love the navy blue paint in the room! You'd look at it in the can and think it'd be way too dark, but it's really not! The prints that flank his crib are from and were about $5 each. They're vintage airline posters. I used a $.27 sheet of posterboard to mat them. Shhhhh! It's my secret!
My boy just loves playing in his new room, which will soon be rearranged after his birthday. He's getting a train table and I think it's going to go in there. It'll be some minor changes, but the basic theme will still be the same :)
What do YOUR kids' rooms look like?!


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Love the theme! So boyish!

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awww I LOVE THIS! So adorable! The PERFECT little boys room!

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