so this is christmas...

Merry Christmas! Today was a day full of gifts, eating, and FAMILY! Reece woke up at 6:15 bouncing and laughing. We ate our monkey bread and got to opening a few gifts. Reece was so cute opening his presents...he liked knowing that there was something fun underneath all that paper!Reece especially liked knowing that there was the possibility of there being more trucks underneath that paper! It is hard to divert attention when we're talking about trucks! Reece's big gift was a Powerwheels ride-along and he came bounding for it when he saw it!

We were then greeted by Mom, Dad, Rhea, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Joe, and Joey for Christmas dinner! We exchanged a few gifts and ate some delicious food! Trey thought Dad would like this Obama Chia...which is now a collector's edition!
Rhea bought everyone fuzzy slippers...I got fuzzy bunnies!
Aunt Rhea loved her "R" - themed presents!
Thanks everyone for brining so much awesome stuff. I contributed the house, the oven, the Yoder's pies, and my special stuffing. We had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food!
We may have even witnessed our own Christmas Miracle of our own...Reece decided to take a few steps between Trey and Mom tonight. Here's a kid who won't let go of anything to walk, but felt right at home walking between the two of them. Baby steps...
We are so thankful we have such a wonderful family who loves us very much.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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