We have seen better weeks. This week is kicking our asses. It seems we just keep acquiring one illness after the other. This kid is building up one heck of an immune system!

Reece started on Sunday night with a fever. After it had not broken for 24 hours and he was hotter than ever, Trey called me and told me he was taking Reece to the Emergency Room. I jumped out of the pool and headed over there, too. He had a temp of 104.2

After a 3-hour wait and one prescription of Tamiflu later, we were outta there with a very hungry and less-hot baby boy.

Yesterday Reece was feeling okay. Trey stayed home with him while I was at school and I stayed with him while Trey went back to work. I was even able to snap this picture of him at the Teacher of the Year reception, he was feeling so good he wanted to bongo the afternoon away!

We really thought we were on the mends after his usual jovial afternoon of playtime. After taking his dose of Tamiflu and some Motrin, he headed to bed and woke up again this morning burning up. This is now day 4 of fever. Trey flexed his schedule (worked 4-8am) and I was able to teach until 11:30 and came home right when Reece needed his Mommy.

It's hilarious that when we're sick we need our Mommy. I remember when I was sick last year about this time I kept calling my Mom. No one can comfort you like Mom can! Even though she was 3 hours away, just having Mom tell you that you're going to live is a comfort in and of itself. Reece fell asleep in my arms as soon as I held him. He needed his Mommy.

So far he's been asleep for 3 hours and it looks like he might be out for the night. Poor little bug, this pig flu is kicking his butt.


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