This year Halloween was a kockout...literally! We had been preparing Reece for Halloween fun for a couple of weeks, asking him what he wanted to "be" for Halloween, etc. His answer? A tractor. Not a farmer, not a trucker, not a John Deere Sales Rep...nope, a TRACTOR.

Yeah, ix-nay on the tractor. We've had creative costumes for the past two Halloweens, and my kid was NOT going to be a tractor this year! Ha! I figure this may be the last year I can whip out the mom-veto card, so I did....and the featherweight champion of the world's costume was a total knockout!
What else would this little nugget be but an arteeeeest?! He had lots of fun looking at all the lights and pumpkins, but soon as that clock struck 8pm (aka bedtime) all hell broke loose! He had had it with the beret, people in his face, looking cute, the whole shebang. Dunzo. Hey, he's a man of routine, what can I say?!
We gave it the one-two punch and a TKO---another Halloween bites the dust. Where is time going?! Before I know it it will be November and my big boy will be three.

Oh wait....


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