I am soooo far "behind" these days, it's not even funny. Well, maybe it is laughable to some who think that I'm always on the ball. The other day I said "hey babe, Chase is 16 weeks old today"--only to be told otherwise (by the hubs who is severely N.I.D*) "um, you mean...tomorrow?!"

*Not Into Details

Yeah. That's right. Tomorrow. Ugh.

I realized I haven't even blogged about our trip to Ohio to visit Trey's family or how my little photography "business" is doing. Or how Trey fixed our hot water heater so I could enjoy a HOT shower instead of the lukewarm ones I've been used to for the last 3 years.

3 years. Say whaaaa?

Alas, life continues to chug away and I realize that our little love is now 16 weeks old! (PS- it's crazy how this works--to me, 16 weeks IS 4 months. In doctor-speak, 4 months will be on the 22nd of October when Chase will---literally---be 4 months to date. I like my thinking better, but that also means he's growing up way too fast for my liking!

Here is Chase's 16 week (4 month) milestone picture:
Isn't he the cutest thing? He refuses to smile for the camera, yet he smiles and laughs all.the.time. It's insane--the gas pump? Hilarious. Me tripping and stubbing my toe? Funny. Doggie breath? Laughable. He is just the happiest child, and probably the only one in our family that wakes up in a good mood!

Not to be outdone, big brother is turning 3 in less than a month. I went into panic mode today and started ordering all sorts of stuff after Reece told me he "weelly, weelly wanted a blue motorcycle birfday". I can't find blue motorcycle stuff, but maybe he won't notice :) I'm doing a little party for him with his buddies at school and then we'll have a family gathering at our house that weekend. We've also promised him a trip to Sea World (which he just can't get enough of!) Even though he's growing up way too fast, I just love hearing all of the new things that come out of his mouth. Trey and I look at each other and laugh every day when he says something and we have NO idea where it came from. "Where did you learn that?!" is a phrase we are constantly saying.

So yeah, the secret is out...I look seemingly put-together on the outside, but really...I'm behind. I'm working on it!


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