don't look, philana!

I am 99.97% sure my friend Philana doesn't read my blog...but if you do, girl...CLICK THE RED "X" now!

Philana sat behind me in Mrs. Davis' English class in 6th or 7th grade. I remember the first day of school and my snazzy pink tie-dye Billabong shirt I was wearing and everything...anyway, Philana decided she would jazz-up my t-shirt and write on it. IN PEN. Yeah, Mama D had something to say about that...and couldn't belive we soon became friends!

In High School we were inseperable. There were MANY sleepovers that included home-made Glamour Shots (don't be jealous, peeps), cooking escapades (fortune cookies anyone?), and Saturday Night Live skits dreamt up. We were the first "Bennifer"--our names were synonymous with each never said Philana without saying Joanna as well.

Well, gone are the days of "Philana and Joanna", but we still keep in touch and Philana is getting married in February! I am so happy for her because she always said she'd always be single. Her Ben is a super nice, funny dude, too...which makes me even more happy that they're becoming Benlana.

Where the heck am I going with this? Oh yeah, the wreath in this picture. This is the first of four gifts I am making her for her bridal shower next month. I'm expected to be the crafty gift-giver at bridal and baby showers alike, so a gift off the registry is SOOOOOO a cop-out. I'm making her four wreaths, one for each season of the year. This is her Spring wreath, made of felted flowers. This is also the most complicated of the wreaths, and most time-consuming. Well, I think so anyways, the others should be a little easier. I had never made felted roses before and I went a little overboard with the amount of them I tackled this time (seriously, there have got to be 300+ on there!) but I just love the way it turned out!

Then again, ask me the night of November 4th as I'm scrambling to get them done for her shower!


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Aye my name is philana

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Aye my name is philana

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