I've been struggling to find a balance between time with my boys. Chase takes so much out of me that Trey has been spending a majority of the time with Reece for the past 7 weeks. I knew it would be like this, I knew that the rambunctious toddler would prefer hanging with his silly Daddy rather than me, but I didn't know how "left out" I would feel.
So, I requested a date with my boy. I dressed to the nines and picked him up. I even paid. I was pulling out all the stops for this little love!
We held hands and sipped juice boxes. We even went down the big slide together.
It was much-needed, for both him and I. I wanted him to know that I hadn't "forgotten" him. I wanted him to know that even though he feels as heavy as a tank, I'll still pick him up and carry him from the parking lot. I wanted him to know that I'm still that Mommy that will bounce in the bounce house and slide down the tallest slide just because.
I'm still that Mommy who gets lost in those blue eyes and that goofy grin. There will be a LOT more yesterdays in our future.


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