(my) boys of summer

Tonight was one my last "official" day of summer. Even though Florida summers sometimes stretch into November, there is a sort of finality about the start of the school year that says "summer is now over". Maybe I'm in denial that I'll be back at school tomorrow.
Reece and I met Trey in the driveway with a swimsuit and flip-flops. A beach-trip seemed appropriate tonight to let summer know that we weren't going down without a fight.
In true Summer-in-Florida fashion, too, it rained...just enough to make everyone run for cover, drench everything, and make for a steamy sunset. The rain didn't bother us, we headed for the pavilion and had our picnic dinner (which, I must add, was awesome and something that in my 25 years of living here I've done maybe twice) of sandwiches and potato salad. We live 2 minutes and one flood zone away from the beach. Why don't we do this more often?
I watched as my boys dug tide pools for feet, playing in the way only the two of them can play.
And this boy of summer lounged in his tent through his first official beach trip. He looks right at home, doesn't he?

Summer brings on a spontaneity all it's own...we're not letting go of it thaaaat easily. So while school may begin tomorrow, summer will blaze on. Cheers to more nights like this!


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