Many thanks to Daddy for manning the camera!

My days of summer are dwindling.

I hate this time of year: when mornings of leisurely drives to Starbucks become replaced by frantic toddler-chasing episodes, when lunches being entertained by the smiles and coos of my newborn will be replaced by gossiping teachers, and when laid-back evening routines that postpone bedtime "just because" are replaced by structured bedtime "chaos". It will be especially hard this year as I drop both my boys off at school...so much so that I'm taking a practice run at it on Monday because teachers have been furloughed (we can't work) and it's Chase's "official" first day of school.

I mean, I figured it'd be better if I cried and went home rather than cried and went to work.

Either way, it's been a summer of growing, both as a family, and in myself. I recently put in my notice to step down from a leadership position at the YMCA. For those that know me, they know that I've been a workaholic since the day I turned 16. Having one kid slows you down a bit. Having two kids slows you down a lot bit. The bit I've learned this summer is that I'll never get these days back again. I've seen how quickly Reece has grown right before my eyes. I hate that his big milestones in his short life seem so distant. I hate that it's hard to remember when and where and how even though he's only two. I know in the hustle and bustle of everything I won't remember Chase's, either. So, as hard as it was, I decided instead of being a workaholic mom, I'd just be a working mom.

This summer I have also learned to breathe. I was "tried" by a certain toddler at times. Okay...at many times. I just had to take a deep breath and let things roll (like the state of my house...holy Matchbox cars, batman!) or calm myself after I've tried everything to soothe a crying baby. Half the time I'm so stressed with work and housework and dinners and dishes and laundry and yardwork that I don't just sit and enjoy the moment. While I haven't enjoyed every moment this summer, I sure have savored them.

So while the days of summer are dwindling, I will enjoy my last weekend of summer with my boys, taking on new adventures and savoring these moments...because boy, are they going fast.


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