big love

I love the way you request to eat popsicles in the tub so you can melt them and drink them.
I love they way you "another"-- (it sounds like "uh-NUV-eee")
I love the way your shorts fall off now that you don't wear a diaper.
I love how you tell me "Mommy, you crack me up".
I love how you call all your Matchbox cars "guys".
I love how you test out sneakers in the store to tell me if they're fast enough.
I love how you kiss your brother when I'm not looking. I love how you call him your best friend.
I love how your blanket smells, even though it stinks, because you chew on it.
I love how you know where all the yard equipment is at Home Depot.
I love how you see a truck with big tires and assume it's a Monster Jam truck.
I love how you squeal when you see the garbage men pick up our trash.
I love how you yell out to me in a quiet house at bedtime "Love you, Hunny Bunny".
I love how you sniff the air sometimes on our walks to "smell the grass".
I love how you're a magnet for anything messy, wet, or dirty...yet incessantly use wipes to clean yourself.
I love how you help yourself to snacks to delay bedtime.
I love how you manipulate your Daddy to delay bedtime.
I love hearing you and Daddy "fight" in bed.
I love how you go into the closet to "read" your Matchbox catalog while I shower.
I love finding reminders of you everywhere, except for when you hid my keys from me.
I love no matter how I try to fight your cowlick I know it's there for good.
I love when I look through the video camera I find 10 5-second videos that you've shot.
I love your skinny little bum in undies.
I love your affinity for chapstick, and your affinity for losing the lids to said chapstick.
I just love YOU, big boy.


Bootstrap Mama said...

Pretty sure our birth seperation trickles down to our boys!!

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