what's so funny?

My 7-week old boy. Doesn't even look like the same kid he did 7 weeks ago. He's grown into those super-long arms, those big ole feet, and those bright blue eyes. He's also smiling, cooing, and almost laughing when something is funny.

What's so funny, Chase? Could it be your party time in the middle of the night TWICE a night? Could it be your poopy blow-outs that you save up only for Mommy? Could it be how you amazingly spit out your binky when you see us come around because you know we'll put it back in for you? Could it be that the formula is not heated to your liking? Could it be that you are conspiring with your brother to cause me to gray at an early age?

Could it be...could it be...could it be...that the joke's on me?



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