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This boy has been pretty amazing this summer. While I thought he'd totally regress on ANY sort of progress we had made potty-training once Chase arrived...he has yet again proven me wrong.
Every milestone he's made....sitting, crawling, walking...has all been on his own time, on his clock, at his pace. Wonder where he gets that type-A personality from?
I'm not really sure why I thought potty-training would be any different? It's been a slow-go for MONTHS. We've tried stickers, Matchbox cars, candy, letting him sit in some of Chase's toys, popsicles...all to no consistency or avail. It's been frustrating, to say the least, with only one accident in a furniture store--but that was enough to take a few steps back and put the diaper back on.
It then went from us telling him to go...to now him telling US when he has to go and staying dry at school all day. This was literally out of the blue this week, what a wonderful birthday present!
While it's a welcome relief that he's almost out of diapers, it just proves to me how quickly he's growing up. It's a new chapter, a right of passage, and a stepping stone toward becoming a big boy!


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