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When Reece was a baby, I was very good about filling up his baby book with "firsts". I documented everything digitally and in pictures. I wrote funny things down. Lately, I've been lucky just to have five minutes at the end of the night to reflect on the day that was. I need to start writing down some of our conversations, however, because I am constantly amazed as to what goes through his little head sometimes!

This past weekend was a huge weekend in "current events". The Royal Wedding on Friday gave him plenty of questions to ask:
Him: "What you watching Mommy"
Me: "Kate and Will are getting married"
Him: "Why getting married? She in church?"
Me: "They're getting married so they can kiss."
Him: (wiping his mouth) "I no wanna marry Mommy. Mommy kissy me. Mommy, NO MORE KISSY!"


Yesterday, Osama bin Laden was killed and today on our Starbucks run, I said to him:
Me: "Hooray, they got the bad guy!"
Him: "Why bad guy Mommy?"
Me: "He was a very bad man, and he was very mean, so they got him!"
Him: "Him in jail? He bad? I no be bad, Mommy. I like gummies."
Me: "Yes, you're a good boy and good boys get gummies."
Him: "No gummies in jail. No go to waterpark, too."

I could go on and on and on with the hilarious conversations we have. Last week he was telling me about how a bird pooped on his friend's head at school. Our conversations right before bedtime, laying in bed, talking about our day, are the MOST special to me.

I need to start writing all of this down so I can read them at his wedding...
or not.


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