a little behind...

Yes, he will probably kill me for this one....someday...but for now it's just another thing that keeps me laughing at him all the time!

Forgive me, I've fallen a bit "behind" with writing about our life happenings lately...here's a quick menagerie of all that has been the "Lanums Lately"...

A few such things: boring, but worth nothing....
About a month ago I was contacted by a former swimming lesson client who had a (very) large playset in her backyard, was ready to move, and needed to get rid of it. She offered to give it to me for the very small price of painting murals in her kids' rooms. Noting that the playset was worth over $3,000, I jumped at the chance...long story short, this playset was so large that it had to be installed into two of our plant beds, which required moving the sprinkler system, laying new sod, making smaller mulch areas, and putting in grass plugs...is anything ever easy?! I won't show pictures of it yet because the grassy areas around it are still growing together and it isn't in "show" condition!

I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant. I feel pretty good for the most part, but have some major sciatic issues going on in my right hip. My belly is growing, growing, growing and I feel like there isn't any more room in there! Chase is moving and shaking and still goes crazy when I eat baby carrots. I'm doing okay with weight, though at my last check up last week I had gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks! EEEEEEEK! That means it's time to hit the pavement with the stroller!

Trey's schedule is likely to change in the next couple of weeks, which will really help with his whole "overnight" situation...but will make long days for Mommy without his help. Looking forward to having a somewhat normal schedule and his help in the mornings!

So we're chugging away at life...hoping not to lag too far "behind", but with myself slowing down a tad and a new little guy on the way....it's quite possible!


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