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I was fortunate to win a Melissa & Doug Spin Art Machine from The Chocolate Muffin Tree! I was going to take it to school, but decided not to since I am SURE there will be some fighting over this one...so until I get 9 of them, I'm letting Reece have free reign on the Spin Art Machine!
I can barely get Reece to slow down and take a bite of food, sit on the potty and try to go, or sit still while I try to clip nails, but one thing is for sure...Reece absolutely LOVES making art. He'll sit with me for an hour playing play-doh or coloring in his sketchbook.

He used to make all sorts of beautiful work at school, but I think he's too active there to actually sit down and create anymore. Poor guy, he doesn't stand a chance with an Art Teacher for a mom! I love that whenever he's creating his tongue is out in full-force. It's lethal. It's the sign of pure concentration.

He's also at this point where he tells me what he's making. Of course it is just scribble, but I adore all the random thoughts that go into his work. "Dis one elephant by tractor. Snake coming. Big apple in dump truck". There is no shortage of imagination in his little head!
We must have made 10 spin-art master pieces today and each is unique and beautiful! This was really a throwback to when I was a kid and would make tons of spin-art with our electric machine. I hope I can instill that love for all things creative in my little man!


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

SO Cute! Glad you received it! looks like your son had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your other blog! Your right---in an art room it would need to be a special activity in the corner for a few students. You could maybe use it as a reward---to create a spin art!

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