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It's becoming a bit more "real"...this whole "baby Chase will be here VERY soon" thing. Yesterday the staff at school held a dual baby shower for Carmen Serrano and myself, which was absolutely perfect since I:
a. HATE being the center of attention.
b. think opening gifts in front of people ranks right up there with being the center of attention on the dislike-meter.

Alas, it was a good time and it was nice because we didn't have to play the obligatory "baby shower" games--because we were both parenting professionals (hahahhahha!) they just asked us to share our favorite moments being a mom, funny stories, embarassing stories, and lastly if we were "ready" to bring #2 home.

Ready? Yes. Know what I'm in for? No clue. But it's getting more "real".

Unpacking all of the baby essentials (lots of diapers, wipes, smelly lotions and diaper cream!) and putting it in Chase's nursery made things even more surreal. Sure, we've had 9 months to prepare ourselves for this little guy, I guess I'm just having a hard time envisioning the actual chaos that will take over our house in a short while!

Me with my fabulous teammate, Carol. She's now seen me through a wedding and two kids. Hard to believe this is the only school I've called "home" all those years! It's funny, because usually I'm the one that puts together the diaper cakes and gifts when there is an event at school. Then Carol goes ahead and whips up this:
Yeah, I think I'm going to pass on the diaper cake-making torch to Carol. I now see why no one ever wants to take mine apart!!!

Today was my 36 week OB appointment. So far I've gained 16 lbs (I gained 24 total with Reece). The Dr. said that Chase was "really, really LOW" and I didn't ask any questions after that. He also said that since Reece was born at 38 weeks, this one will likely follow suit. So yeah, that kind of puts things into a bit more perspective...and makes things even that more real.


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