anatomy of a great weekend

This weekend I planned Rhea's Bridal & Bachelorette Bash in Treasure Island, Florida. My due date lurking closer and closer, I wanted to stay semi-close, but go somewhere I knew the girls would love. During the 3-Day we walked down Gulf Blvd. on Treasure Island and it was gorgeous, so I scoped out some houses to rent there. I found a perfect house that slept 8 with a pool, hot tub, and dock! It was a great little place, in fact, we only left the house once to hit up an amazing crab restaurant for dinner on Saturday!
Rhea and Amy sit on the dock and enjoy their coffee. It's a rough life, but someone's gotta do it.
On Sunday I hosted Rhea's Bridal Brunch, which we ate poolside in our jammies. It was a great start to the day! The menu included this delicious cake from Slice of Heaven, fruit and yogurt dip, ham & cheese swiss mini sandwiches, and a delicious quiche (I will post the recipe later).
Rhea's cake and mimosa. A great way to start the day!
We could have gotten used to this. Rhea says I'm becoming more domestic in my old age. I took that as a compliment!

My little sis, the bride to be...she's not getting married until September 10th, but we wanted to cram in a nice weekend while we all had time...
Rhea's gift opening extravaganza was a little twist on the "norm"....we were all supposed to buy something for Rhea in a "time capsule" for Eric and her to celebrate with on one of their milestone anniversaries.
A whip...I think this was for her one-month anniversary. Eric isn't going to know him! One of the most fun gifts was a real-life prescription for Viagra (which expires 5 years after her wedding date)...just in case. It's frame-able and hilarious!
Add some flowery, floppy hats, lots of beer, shots, margaritas, mojitos, and "sweet teas" and you've got yourself a pool party.
Add even more beer, potato chips, tons of scavanger seagulls, a rigged-up floating "table", sharp oyster shells, Joy's iPod, and pool noodles in the middle of a canal and you have....
the anatomy of a great weekend.


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