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This week has been our Spring Break and while you would think I'd have even more time to get things done, blog, and clean, it's been quite the opposite...we've had a jam-packed schedule of fun, appointments, and play time.

Trey recently wrote a note on Facebook about how our little boy was growing up and gaining independence. As this week has gone on, I've also noticed how different our repertoire of events has been lately...

On Tuesday we went to get our hair cut. We sat nicely in the chair while Domenic cut (and cut and cut!) our hair and didn't shed one tear or whelp about not sitting on Mommy's lap. Afterward, we went to the beach where Reece ventured into the waves by himself.

On Wednesday I took down his toddler bed and put together his new twin bed from IKEA. No bedrails. No boundaries. No idea what we were getting into! He slept like a champ. We haven't looked back....

On Thursday we drove down to get fitted for Reece's tux for Ms. Ashley's wedding. He's going to be so handsome in his white tuxedo! We walked through the mall holding hands. We bought "fast" new sneakers and raced out the door to get home sooner so we could show them to Daddy.

On Friday we went to BounceU, our local bounce gym. Reece's "crutches" stood outside the play structures and let him go at it himself. He even got into it and started throwing balls and playing with one of the guys who worked there. He slid down the big slide head-first. Daddy and I just stood off to the side and let him play. His first time there was just a year ago and he could barely walk. Where has our little boy gone?
Today we went to the bookstore and read books together. He's now asking "why?" after we say certain things. He sat contently and watched "Land Before Time" and even made me kiss the TV after he saw that Littlefoot was crying.

This just makes me even more excited for the day when he becomes a big brother and can teach Chase everything he knows.

Until then....he'll still be my baby.


Anonymous said...

I think being pregnant, makes watching them grow into actual little people harder! Although, they are super funny little characters!!

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