All's Fair...

Last year when we headed to the County Fair we stood outside the ticket booth holding a tantrum-ing one-year-old and didn't make it in the gates. This year we had to hold back a energetic, excited toddler from breaking down the gates of the Fair! Somehow, it was decided that I would be the guinea pig and would ride all the rides with Reece, leaving Daddy with the camera. I swear, we're up there in the red helicopter.
We were waaaaaaay up there and Reece loved it. He loved waving to Daddy each and every time we circled around.
This picture was taken before he had terror in his eyes. I think if he ever sees the "airplane ride" again he'll freak out on the spot. At least he can tell me what bothers him "Mommy, I'm scared. This is scary, I want to hold on to you". We went bounding off that ride and onto something a little more calm, a little more up his alley.
Driving TRUCKS! He loved it. In total, I think we spent $6 driving trucks. He was so happy and so content riding around in circles with his lion and waving at us as he went by.
I had to add this picture in there, it's Reece's typical stare. I could get lost in those blue eyes...

I digress...

I just can't believe it was a YEAR ago that we tried to go for the first time to the Fair. I mean, now we're talking in YEARS and not in months or in weeks. It's the strangest thing when I tell people "oh, he's almost two and a half" and not his age in months.

All's fair when your kid grows up...hopefully time slows down a little for me, though. I'm not ready for all this "growing up" stuff!


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