weathering the weekend

After weather that has pretty much stunk since early November, we had a GORGEOUS weekend here in SW Florida! We never thought we'd be so happy to see 80 degrees. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa Brink are here and have their great condo on Siesta Key along with...a PARKING SPACE on Siesta Key!...that we love going to. My Aunt Carla and cousin Federica are here visiting, too, so it was a wonderful excuse to go play on the beach with them!

It was also a beautiful weekend for an 85th Birthday Party, courtesy of Grandma! She's the most energetic 85-year-old I know! Woo hoo for birthday cake!

Please excuse the cruddy photos, they were taken on my cell phone and I'm too lazy to edit the ones from my camera!
Reece even weathered the (frigid) water! He kept saying "Mama, feel it!" and I obliged...but when he asked me to "sit down", I had to draw the line. My amphibious blood is pretty thin. He played, splashed, ran, and even chased a teenager running on the beach. When my cousin Federica (from Minnesota, mind you!) went chest deep into the water Reece was ready to go in after her. She held him and they went in together, leaving this mama on the shore. That was a little too much for me...and someone had to man the camera, right?
When we got home, Trey had ripped out our master shower. This is a project that has been on the dockett for a looooong time and with the long weekend we decided that now was the time. Our very helpful toddler was helping with saws, wrenches, drills, shovels, tile nippers, sledgehammers, and his new wheelbarrow. After 34,987 trips to Home Depot, a visit from Uncle Troy, and countless cuss words, we have 3 walls up and tile hanging on the walls.
While we're still days away from showering in our new shower, we've proved that we're not Weekend Warriors...we're more like Week-long Warriors.

Workin' for the cliche, but oh so true when you have weekends like this!


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