i'm good, but i'm not THAT good...

I'm a rule-follower and always have been. I was good as a kid, too, and rarely got in trouble. I aimed to please and was a perfectionist. Yes, this is a good trait to have as well as a terrible trait to have. It is definitely considered one of my biggest flaws.

I'm not a very good pregnant woman. In fact, I don't like how pregnancy slows me down. W, ith Reece I walked every single day (due very much to the fact that my OB scared the bejeezus out of me when I had gained a bit more than average one month) right up to the "end". We moved when I was about 5 months pregnant with Reece, and that weekend I laid our tile floor on the lanai. I painted almost every room in the house, up on ladders, with non-EOC-friendly paint. I loaded and emptied kiln after kiln after kiln-full of clay at school and actually sometimes forgot that I was pregnant!

This time is no different, I've tiled the baby's room and our shower, I'm getting ready to do some painting, I've chaired the jog-a-thon at school and I've hoisted cases of water all over the place. Did I mention how I hate that pregnancy slows me down?! If I do all this when I'm pregnant, can you imagine how I am when I'm in normal "Joanna" mode? I exhaust myself! Ha!

Tomorrow I'm spending the day between doctor's offices. Yuck. Glucose test in the morning and another peek at Chase later in the morning. While I'm excited to see him, I'm nervous that:
a. Trey will not be there and will be working.
b. The echogenic focus they found at 18 weeks will still be there.
c. My placenta hasn't moved up (which is the main issue to be checked on ultrasound)
With all the unknowns of pregnancy, perhaps this is why I keep myself sooooo stinkin' busy... to stay positive and focused.

That, I will say....I'm pretty good at! Good thing I don't have to be a "good" pregnant woman much longer!


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