dinner with the dinosaurs

We're HUUUUUUGE Laurie Berkner fans 'round these parts. Reece can sing "We are the Dinosaurs" completely on-pitch, while marching and pretending to "sleep". It's hilarious. Trey's CD player in his Jeep miraculously "broke", so it's been Dinosaurs on repeat in my truck for oh...3 months or so? Sometimes after I drop Reece off at school I find myself driving down Center Road singing at the top of my lungs....to Laurie Berkner. Oy.

I wouldn't have it any other way, though! After Reece became obsessed with Laurie Berkner's music, we started watching the videos on YouTube. Woah. It's a nightly thing now, along with us watching him in his skivvies marching around like a dinosaur. Somehow we've even been able to convince him that "dinosaurs eat chicken nuggets, so Reece should eat them too"!

And he does...wonder how long this'll last?!

For Valentine's Day I found a tiny bag of dinosaurs at Target (I think they were party favors or something, but for $1 I didn't care what they were for!!!) and they were the hit of the night! The dinosaurs started out "watching Reece eat", but then became part of the noodle-eating extravaganza.

The dinosaurs "ate" noodles, strawberries, and drank orange Crush. They took a bus ride and even got to play in the tubby too!
I love this age. I love how he can play independently and "play" dinosaurs. He tells me what they eat, if they're "mean or nice", if they are happy or sad, or if they need a hug. All night tonight the T-Rex needed a hug because he was sad, and the Brontosaurus was hungry for a hot dog.

Wonder what the dinosaurs will want for dinner tomorrow night?!


Anonymous said...

I've tried to get S to listen to Laurie Berkner, but he hadn't been interested. He's obsessed with Rachel Barry though! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the independant play. We have a little chef in our house.

Suz said...

We have that exact CD. Audrey requests it,...she says, "Dinosaurs please?" We also have dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Wish I could send you a bunch!!!

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