Today we busted out the TomTom for the first time ever. We got it from my parents and sister for Christmas and have (quite honestly) not had a need to request directions from "Tom". As we formulated plans last night for a last-minute trip to Sea World, we also realized Aunt Rhea would be playing in her National Flag Football Tournament right around the corner! It was a win/win!

We had a wonderful day nagivating our way around Sea World, courtesy of one curious toddler. He ran, jumped, clapped, climbed (oh boy did we climb), splashed, and chowed a mean hot dog. We finally got to one side of the park that we had never seen with Reece--and saw manatees, dolphins and alligators! The dolphins were a hit...and a SPLASH! One splashed his tail right in front of Reece and I and we were soaked!

The weather was perfect and we had such a wonderful time! We left Sea World to go see Rhea play in her flag football tournament since we were so close and they won both of their games!
I'd like to leave you with what might be the funniest "visual"---see this maze of ropes and tunnels?
Do you see how high it is? Do you see that there is no way down besides ropes and tunnels? Picture this: me. 4 1/2 months pregnant with a big camera and a diaper bag. Trying to take pictures, scale the ropes, dodge small children in the tunnels, and catch an over-energized toddler. One of my most (not)brilliant ideas ever was telling Trey "sure, I'll go with you!"
Seriously, next time I'm leaving the navigating to "Tom".


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cute picture of y'all!!

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