my christmas eve heart attack

While most of the rest of the world was enjoying their Christmas Eve with family and friends, the Lanums went to BounceU! Reece absolutely loves it there and there was a "Preschool Play Date" (even on Christmas Eve) so we decided to head up and work off some toddler energy.

Just so you can picture the events leading up to this video, this is a huuuuuuuuuge slide, probably 30 feet tall and usually Reece will just stand at the bottom of it and watch the other kids slide down. They go fast. Reece told Trey that he wanted to go up to the top, so Trey trekked up the inflatable stairs (no small feat!) and although I could not hear the conversation (as you can tell from the obnoxiously loud music!) Trey says it went something like this:

Trey: Come on, Reece, come with Daddy. Sit on Daddy's lap so we can go down.
Reece: No thanks, Dada. Reece do it.
Trey: No baby, you need to ride on Daddy's lap down the big big wee (slide).
Reece: No Dada, Reecey do it. Reece go now. See ya!

Cue Video. Cue my heart skipping a few beats.

While I'm sure I wet my pants, he came up laughing. Figures.


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