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One thing you should never do while you're pregnant: compare this pregnancy to your last. While most of the things are similar (no morning sickness, ample energy to even work 2 jobs, no cravings or weird food combinations, etc) one thing is definitely NOT the same.

With Reece I really didn't start to "show" until I was about 23 weeks. This time around I feel like a big ole heiffer, at 15.5 weeks.

View exhibit A:

Also note the big ole smile I have on my face in this picture. This time I cut my grimacing half-smile out of the picture :)
Ugh. As if that wasn't evidence enough, this week I was given some "hand me down" maternity clothes (which, thank goodness I havn't had to wear and I'm 4 months now. My clothes are getting mighty tight, though so I may have to do the "hairband trick" to my pants in a week or so before going full-out maternity pants. bleh)
I digress.
So I was given some winter maternity clothes. I tried them on. Chich prego before me that bought them bought "skinny" jeans. There is one thing I am not: skinny. Cue self-image woes #2. I can wear them, but I'm not looking as chich as she did, I'm sure.
And just a bit more evidence: Two days ago Trey was building the stairs to the deck. I don't know what came over me, but I stepped on the stairs to get into the yard to take a picture of Reece. The stairs were NOT affixed, not screwed in (subliminally I knew this. I was watching him screw them in seconds before) and the moment I stepped on the stair I broke the support beam IN HALF.
How's that for meg-o preg-o?! I guess these 6 lbs are really doing a number on me! Ha!


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