2010 rewind

This year has been eventful. It's also taken my breath away when I realize how quickly it passed. Another year down. To say "I just can't believe it" would be an understatement!
In January Reece learned how to walk. Today, I can't even recall the days when we weren't chasing him around to brush his teeth, get him to come inside, or change his diaper. He walked for us on his 14 month birthday. Now he's running, jumping, and side-galloping!
In February Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Brink began their stay on Siesta Key. Reece loved going to their condo and playing with the sand toys they had there. He also loved the white heron that would come to their door begging for swiss cheese! We are thankful that Reece is able to spend time with his great-grandparents (we are SO lucky!!)
In March the weather finally warmed up and Grandma took Reece for a swim at Great-Grandma's condo. He carried a battery-operated truck with him the whole time he was swimming (oooooops!) and he loved it. He did NOT love taking a nose-dive into the Gulf with Grandpa, though!
In April Reece got his first haircut. He was 18 months old. He had some wispy hair that was beginning to form a mullett and it was time to get it taken care of! Of course Domenic (my hairdresser) HAD to cut his hair. I kept those golden locks in his baby book.
In May Gigi and Papa Smiley came to visit. We hiked to the top of the Myakka fire tower. The view was gorgeous, but man was it HOT!
In June we met up with Stellan and Peyton, Reece's babycenter friends, for some sun, Sea World, and swimming in Orlando. Stellan and Reece are old friends, and meeting Peyton for the first time was a treat! I have a feeling these little guys will be friends for a long time to come!
In July we braved the seas and went on our first "family" vacation together: a 4-day cruise. It was wonderful! We went to Coco Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. We had a couple rough nights at the dinner table, but powered through the cruise with plenty of swimming and hot dogs!
In August we took on the jetty during a Tropical Storm! Mommy also had to go "back" to work. This is her 11th year at Garden. Time has really flown!
In September we got to see Stellan and Ashley again! Ashley needed a little sunshine in September, so she loaded up her half-pint and jet set for Florida. We also met up with Suz and Audrey, who were wonderful, too. Reece and Stellan enjoyed some sprinkler time, beach time with Aud, and lots of photographs of their smiles!
In October I walked in my fifth Breast Cancer 3-Day. Fundraising was hard this year, and so was training! Right before I went on my walk I found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant and had to be sure not to "overdo" it. The heat was brutal, so I remained hydrated and took some portions of the route "easy" (read: I didn't walk AS fast). It was horrible keeping this secret from so many that kept asking me point blank if I was pregnant!
In November we celebrated Reece's second birthday with a trip to Disney World. He absolutely LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean. I think we rode it 3 or 4 times. He was even able to pick out a sword before we left. He'll tell you "aaaaargh, matey" and "yo ho ho" if you ask him what the pirates say!
In December we celebrated another Christmas, the close of another year, and our many blessings that have been bestowed upon us. We are thankful for love, health, and this smiley 2 year old who brightens our every day.

We are inspired by what 2011 has to offer. It's going to be a wild ride!


Ashlee said...

Great recap! He's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I love when we make your bog! ;)

Meredith said...

I just realized you were pregnant!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, mama!!! Sooo happy for you :)

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